Guideline 4D Compact Tip - Tips

Weight/Length: 7g / 108gr - 10ft
Density: Hover/Int
Discounted price€35,95


Guideline 4D Compact tips are of course perfectly suited to their 4D Compact rear parts, but also to other short bodies of varying weight and make.

Guideline 4D Compact tips are designed to work perfectly with their own 4D Compact tips. But they will cast and fish just as well on bodies of other weights and makes. All sinking versions have Dual Densities to ensure a straight and efficient line in the water. They have exceptionally nice rollover when combined with the right back and length of leader en.

Guideline has developed the taper from the front sections of our proven ULS 3D+ and Compact DD lines to achieve the best possible performance. The breaking strength of the core matches that of the 4D Compact backs and has high durability, and the tips are built on their proven Direct Contact™ core with only 6% stretch. All tips have strong, reinforced loops at both ends and have printed ID marking at the top loop for easy identification of weight, length and density. They are also color coded for easy matching with their 4D Compact backs.

Model Length Weight Densities
4D Compact Tip 10´ / 3 m 7 grams / 108 grains
F, H/I, S1/S3, S3/S5, S5/S7
4D Compact Tip 12´ / 3.6 m 7 grams / 108 grains
F, H/I, S1/S3, S3/S5, S5/S7
4D Compact Tip 12´ / 3.6 m 9 grams / 139 grains
F, H/I, S1/S3, S3/S5, S5/S7

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