Guideline Compline II - Shooting line

Crime force: 15.8kg/35lbs
Discounted price€31,95


A series of solid intermediate pull lines at a good price to be used for pull lumps for both one-handed and two-handed fishing. Smooth and easy to stretch, and stays straight and nice even in colder weather.

Guideline Compline II is flat and has a slightly more rectangular shape than before. It has the same fabric as the previous model but is perceived as softer and easier to handle, especially during longer fishing sessions or when you use it for several days in a row.

A 50 lbs Compline II will fit well on both class 9/10 and 10/11 rods. The 42 lbs model of Compline II sits nicely on class 8/9 rods, but can also be used on class 7/8 rods. The Compline II in 35lbs fits perfectly on both switch and single handed rods and the 25lbs version is the perfect choice for lighter single handed rods and our ULS Hybrid rods.

Because this model is slightly softer than before, it is easy to stretch, and it stays straight and nice even in colder weather. The length is 50 meters on coil.

Model Strength Color Length
Compline II 25 lbs Light blue 50 m
Compline II 35 lbs Orange 50 m
Compline II 42 lbs Red 50 m
Compline II 50 lbs Yellow 50 m

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