Guideline Fario LW - Fly reel

choose colour: Antracite
Line Weight : #2-4
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Light, reliable and solid fly reel designed exclusively for trout fishing. Built around a strong truss construction and with a braking system that is waterproof, sealed and made up of graphite and stainless steel discs.

The very first Guideline fly reel designed exclusively for trout fishing. Every detail and every feature has been developed with one thing in mind; to create a perfect, light, reliable and solid reel for serious fly anglers. These reels are built around a strong truss construction similar to the Guidelines Voss reels, but have been adapted to harmonize with the slimmer and more graceful look of the Fario LW reels.

The recessed reel foot brings the center of the reel closer to the blade for better balance and less torque when throwing. A built-in leader holder keeps track of the loose end of your mono/fluorocarbon tip to avoid tangling. The bromine system is waterproof, sealed and consists of graphite/stainless steel discs. The braking force for size #24 and #46 is 1.3 kg which is more than enough for all trout fishing. The adjustment range of the brake wheel is 360 ° and has a setting from close disengaged spool to a braking effect adapted to the fishing for which the reel is intended to be used.

Fario LW 68 is a little stronger in the goods than the two smaller rollers to be more stable and withstand higher loads. It also has a brake system that is calibrated to 2 kilos of braking action, which means that it also matches larger fish such as sea trout and smaller salmon in flowing water. This reel is also a perfect match on our ULS Hybrid rods in the #7 and #8 classes. They form an incredibly light yet powerful unit for either one-handed fishing or the ultra-light Switch.

The brake has very low starting resistance and is silky smooth over the entire register. The Fario LW has a slightly oversized spool diameter that provides quick weaving in and generous line capacity. The reels are delivered in a protective cordura case with embroidered Fario logo. The case can also be used when the reel is mounted on a rod. Choose between right or left hand cranking, and extra coils are available as accessories.

Not sure which size to buy? The Fario LW 24 has capacity up to and including class 4, but if you wish to use the reel for mixed fishing in classes 4-5-6 and have the option of more lines and extra spools, the 46 is just right for you. The 68 size is fine for single handed rods in class 6-7-8 and is perfect on light switch rods up to 11 feet in class 7. 

Model Dimensions Weight Capacity
Fario LW 24 90 x 58 x 28mm 120 grams 80m 20 lbs dacron +WF 4F / 62 cm3
Fario LW 46 96 x 62 x 30mm 125 grams 100m 20 lbs dacron + WF6F / 79 cm3
Fario LW 68 102 x 62 x 30mm 141 grams 100m 20 lbs dacron + WF8F / 99 cm3

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