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choose colour: Black Stealth
Line Weight : #2-3
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Guideline Halo fly reels have market-leading qualities in their price range: soft, stable and waterproof braking system, full frame so that thin fishing lines do not crawl between stand and spool, a complete model program and attractive design.

Halo has market-leading characteristics in its segment with top quality in all parts of production. These fly reels are CNC machined from one piece of high quality aluminum for uncompromising performance and a great fishing experience. All models have a full frame reel housing which eliminates the problem of thin push lines creeping between the spool and reel housing. A construction that takes into account the current diversity of fly lines and knotting systems in all line classes. The Halo has a large diameter, Large Arbour design, as well as a medium width spool that provides good capacity and fast weaving speed. The line easily lays nicely on the spool and creates less memory on your fly line. The well-proven braking system is smooth, fully waterproof and has a wide range of settings. Halo consists of 6 models that range from the most delicate nymph fishing via trout and salmon to tough battles with tropical fast swimmers.

The brake is built on a modern disc brake design, consisting of discs in stainless steel and graphite. In order to optimize properties and design, we have chosen to use two different brake packages distributed among the different models. The three smallest rollers have a maximum force of 1.5 kg in the inner part of the coil and the largest have 4 kg. This ensures optimal register on the brake for the various fishing situations that you may encounter. Changing the direction of the crank is easy without a lot of loose parts and you do it in a couple of minutes. The spool edge and the reel housing have milled rings to symbolize the Halo effect, hence the name. In terms of design, all six models are the same, except for the brake knob, which on the three largest models is of a larger and stronger model and is entirely in chromed aluminium. The three smaller sizes have a smaller brake wheel with a center plate in the same color as the reel.

#23 - Reel for the lightest single handed fishing in class #2 - #4 with WF lines up to class #4 (WF #4+80m 20lbs backing). The first choice for Euro Nymphing.

#45 - Line class #4-5 for single handed rods and capacity up to WF #5 + 80m 20lbs backing. If you want a reel for both class #4 and #5, this is the Halo you should choose.

#67 - The model for trout fishing with streamers and inshore sea trout in class #6-7. Suitable for single handed rods and lighter switch rods with ULS and Compact lumps up to class #7. Capacity WF #7 + 100m 20lbs backing.

#89 - Fits heavier single handed and switch rods in class #7-9. Models accommodate for example WF8+100m 30lbs backing or shooting block in class 7/8 + Compline + 100m 30 lbs backing. Also suitable for heavier coastal fishing, pike fishing in class 8-9 and tropical in class 7-8.

#79DH - Perfect for lighter two-handed rods in class #7/8 and #8/9 with room for a push block, push line and approx. 200m 30lbs backing. Also a nice choice for tropical fishing with class 9-10 WF lines.

#911DH - Size suitable for two-handers in grades #8/9 to #10/11 and has plenty of room for backing and shooting line (+250m 30lbs). Also the model for the heaviest tropical fishing after tarpon and GT in line class #11-12.

Model Dimensions Weight Capacity
Halo #23 86 x 59 x 28mm 118g 55 cm3 - WF 4+80 yds/20lbs backing
Halo #45 92 x 63 x 28mm 123g 66 cm3 WF 5+80 yds/20lbs backing
Halo #67 98 x 66 x 30mm 135g 86 cm3 WF 7 + 100m 20lbs backing
Halo #89 102 x 66 x 30mm 206g 103.5 cm3. WF8+100m 30lbs backing
Halo #79DH 106 x 62 x 33mm 219g 146 cm3. #8/9 lump + push line + approx. 200m 30lbs backing
Halo #911DH 114 x 68 x 35mm 226g 177 cm3. #10/11 lump + push line +250m 30lbs

Customer Reviews

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Sverker Nordlander
Robust och stor flugrulle

Verkar robust och har smala skarvar men jag har ännu inte testat den i reellt fiska. Priset på 3000 är väl bra men extraspolar för 1500 är för dyrt, det tar liksom bort fördelen att enklet byta spole med lina

Niklas Dahlström

Guideline Halo - Flugrulle

Very good reel, smooth running.

I was looking for a light reel for a #5 fishing rod. I would certainly recommend this reel. The reel is characterized by excellent quality and aesthetic appearance. It has a nice sound.

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