Guideline Slim Tri Foam - Fly Box

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Guideline Slim Tri Foam fly boxes are perfect boxes for those who do not want or need to carry more than the essentials, or if you wish to have several different fly boxes based on different fishing situations.

Slim Tri Foam are strong glass-clear fly boxes made of solid polycarbonate. The boxes fit nicely with most types of dry fluoro, nymphs and streamers. The ceiling height inside is 15 mm which allows you to have slightly larger parachute flies up to size #10 without the wings being pinched against the lid. The boxes are just the right size to house dry flies, nymphs and streamers without it being too thick and bulky to carry. This type of fly box is our favorite for flies that you like to use at certain times of the season. For example euro nymphs, mosquitoes, autumn box for a certain water or the favorites for mountain fishing! A perfect concept box that is easy to carry due to its thin design! The Tri Foam is lime coated which gives a good contrast to most types of flies. The boxes come in 2 sizes to fit all our jackets, vests and carrying systems.

Slim Tri Foam Medium  is 156mm long x 107mm wide and 27mm thick. Medium has 13 slots in width and 10 rows, a total of 130 slots to attach the bow ties to.

Slim Tri Foam Large measures 186mm Land x 130mm Wide x 27mm Thick. Large has 17 rows on the width and 12 rows, a total of 204 slots to fasten the bow ties.

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Henrik Möller
Bra ask

Den är perfekt för att ha i jackfickan eller i vadarbyxorna då den är väldigt platt.

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