Guideline ULS Hybrid - Switch Fly Rod

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Line Weight : #7 10'
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Ultra light, ultra efficient and ultra fun! ULS Hybrid fly rods are tailored to suit Guideline's range of ULS lines and the ultra-light fishing style with short nubs that have proven to be easy to handle and highly effective.

With the success of Guideline's lightweight ULS Trout Lumps and the wide use that has developed, we saw the potential to produce some specialty rods that are entirely based on the test fishing with our ULS 3D+ and ULS Multi Tip.

When they received requests to produce some ultra-light two-handed rods, they decided to build these new models on a variant of their Switch handles, so that you can cast with a two-handed grip if you want. During the trial period with the new rods they found that they worked absolutely fantastic as a single handed rod and with the new handle design they felt that the ULS Hybrid was a fitting name. Simply because they are somewhere between one-handed and switch.

They have used a high-quality material and minimal binders in the rods, all to obtain extremely light and thin profiles on the blades. The action is deep but with a quick recovery and is perfect for Guidelines ULS lines, both 3D+ and Multi Tip. But also their Ultra Compact lumps and short lumped WF lines such as Bullet or Fario work great for those who prefer these other types of lines. The intended user of these rods are those fishing in less flowing water for salmon, sea trout and lake trout. But they also work well when fishing from land or boat for pike, perch and rainbow trout.

These rods are very easy to handle when you cast with bare hands! The deep powerful action ensures that the rods have great tolerance for mis-timing when the cast is anchored, and the longer stroke also gives the caster a little more time when the cast is going to go. The ULS Hybrid also appeals to those who appreciate good contact with the bottom part and provide a distinct catapult effect that requires very little force.

  • Black matte roll mount in satin finish.
  • One-legged snake rings and ceramic rope guides
  • Rope guide that eliminates the problem of the push line getting tangled in the loop when you push line.
  • Black blade in matt satin finish.
  • Matching dark gray wraps with green metallic decorative wraps.
  • Supplied in lightweight tube with matching fabric case.
Model Length Line Weight Weight Parts Rec. lump weight Rec. ULS Weight
ULS Hybrid 1005 10' #5 126 g 4 11-13 g / 170-200 grains 12 g
ULS Hybrid 1006 10' #6 128g 4 13-15 g / 200-230 grains 14 g
ULS Hybrid 1007 10' #7 130 g 4 17-19 g / 260-290 grains 16 g
ULS Hybrid 1008 10' #8 132 g 4 19-21 g / 290-325 grains 18 g

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