OPST Pure Skagit Sink Tip 7.5ft

Riffle, Run or Bucket: Riffle
Weight & length: 7.5ft/2.28m, T8, 60gr/3.9g
Discounted price€43,95


OPST Commando sink tips come in lengths of 5, 7.5, 10 and 12 feet. Each length also comes in three different densities that OPST chose to call Riffle, Run and Bucket for shallow, medium and deep water in that order.

The tips also come in different weights to better match your lump/line.

When you have these three different densities on the tip, you can quickly and easily change in which water column you want to fish.

Choose the right tip for your lump/line through the guide you see in the pictures above.

If you need help with which tip to have for your line, contact us, we'll help you please.

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