Petitjean MP-TT Bobbin

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New tool from Marc Petitjean! As usual with products from the Swiss Marc Petitjean, the holder is made of the highest quality materials and equipped with a lot of finesse. The thread holder has an extra holder for the spool, which is spring-loaded, where by moving the spring you can increase the tension of the holder against the spool and also make it fit spools of different sizes better.

Instead of a traditional tube for the thread, Petitjean's thread holder has a groove, which the thread rests in. This design makes it easier to use different types of thread and silk and it is easier to use coarser types of binding material than if you have a thread holder with a tube.

In addition, the "tube" is equipped with hooks that make it easier and more flexible to make and tie dubbing loops for dubbing, cdc etc.

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