Scott F-Series - single handed fly rod

Line Weight : #2 6'2''
Discounted price€849,90


Scott F-Series is the rod for you who have realized the benefits of fishing with a fly rod made of fiberglass. A rod that can cast far if you want, but excels at distances up to 6-7 meters. Scott's new F-Series has slimmer tapers and a new design on the sockets, something that gives a rod that flexes even deeper.

By carefully controlling how they have distributed the mass and stiffness, Scott has succeeded in producing an incredibly light and stable fly rod that generates tight arcs. The precision and feel you get in this fiberglass fly rod is something that is difficult to find in a graphite equivalent.

The performance you find in this rod is of course embellished with the best components.

- Snake Guides
- The best cork on the market
- Titanium SiC strippers
- CNC turned roller seat
- Alignment points 

So if you fish in small waters for wild and beautiful fish, treat yourself to the ultimate fishing tool. Scott F-Series, high performance, made by hand and pure love.

#2 6'2" - The deepest bending rod of them all. A rod for whisper light dry fly presentations that also protects thin leaders exceptionally well. Get ready for some serious rod bending .

#3 5'8" - Don't let its small size fool you. This rod generates tight arcs at short distances with high precision. The perfect choice for small waters.

#3 6'6" - If you had to choose a fiberglass rod to do it all. A perfect balance of fast loading, line speed and feel. Rod can handle basically any fly you normally see fishes with in smaller waters.

#3 7'2" - This 5-piece rod is perfect for those who like to take their fly rod with them on adventures in search of new waters. The performance in a tube that is only 45 cm. This rod is long enough to cast a little further in small ponds, but also short enough to sneak along the smallest stream.

#4 7'2" - When you need a little more power for bigger flies and bigger fish, this class #4 rod gets the job done gallantly. The choice for smaller streamers, nymph rigs and dry-droppers set-ups.

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