Scott G Series - single handed fly rod

Line Weight : #2 7'7''
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The Scott G Series are iconic fly rods. They are medium-action, harmoniously flexing fly rods that are loved by fly fishermen the world over.

These advanced fly rods come with two innovations. Scott has reinvented the hollow male sleeve to make the rod more flexible, stronger and 20% lighter than its predecessor. This they have combined with a new fiber and resin system to produce the most advanced fly rod ever made.

The result has answered the most difficult challenge a medium-action fly rod has, namely how to get a rod that bends deeply while maintaining its stability. The Scott G-Series balances more easily in the hand, has great stability in the middle of the blade and generates high line speed. Spöt does all this while maintaining feel and flex.

The Scott G-Series brings together power and presentation, so now you can pull hard in a 7X tippet AND fish upwind. G-Series, a fly rod like no other.

#2 7'7" - The perfect choice for less water and when you want a bit more line speed than fiberglass offers. A wonderful rod for precision at shorter distances.

#3 7'7" -  A specialist rod for smaller water. This rod delivers small flies with nice presentations in the small streams, but it also has the power to cast lighter nymph rigs in slightly larger waters.

#3 8'4" - A wonderful rod for dry flies and hatchers in medium sized waters. If you need to cast a nymph, this rod can also handle light indicator rigs.

#3 8'8" -  A rod that charges deep and progressive, but with good stability and recovery. This is the perfect rod for long leaders and small flies. To the trout that has seen it all, just wait until you come face to face with this grade #3 rod, a 7X leader and a size #20 hatcher.

#4 8'4" - Simply favorite rod for light fishing. This rod does most of the work and has a nice balance between feel and precision. Controlled loops glide effortlessly through the grooves, the line speed is fast enough for most occasions and the balance is feather-light.

#4 8'8" -  When the hatch is steady and you know you will be fishing any of the bug's stages, nymphs, hatchers, dry and spinners, this is the rod that you take with you to the river. It is a pleasure to cast with small to medium size flies, long leaders and thin tips. Light in the hand, loads easily and bends beautifully with fish on it, this is a favorite rod.

#4 9' -  An excellent rod for small flies, long leaders and thin tips. This rod is light, responsive and precise. It's full of finesse without being spongy, it's also powerful enough without feeling too fast.

#5 7'7" -  A rod designed to cast big flies in small waters that hold big fish.

#5 8'8" - One rod that does it all. Big land bugs, indicator rigs or a size 20 midge, this rod handles it all brilliantly. Rod balanced easier in the hand than the 9-footer, but is just as versatile.

#5 9' -  This rod easily compares to #5 8'8" and for many it is difficult to choose which one to choose. It's easy to say that this 9 foot long rod casts a bit further, is easier to cast with and controls the line easier on the surface than the equivalent 8'8" rod does.

#6 8'8" - A rod that specializes in casting nymph rigs and hopper dropper's. This rod loves to cast large land bugs and medium streamers.

#6 9' -  A superb rod for casting streamers and other large flies with a lot of wind resistance. With a slightly slower line speed than many modern rods, you have the ability to open up your line bows when desired. This rod makes it easy to cast large and bulky flies.

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