Sili Legs Fire Tip

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Rubber legs have really grown in popularity in recent years, from being used only on the "Chernobyl Ant" to now being used as legs on many nymphs as well as salmon and sea trout flies.

The material imitates insect bones very well and is therefore very popular for that very purpose. Try making a single knot on the material to create realistic joints.

These rubber legs create an extreme amount of life and movement in the water. It is something that has been adopted by many sea trout fishermen, both in sea and river, the sea trout seem like crazy in these rubber legs.

These rubber legs from Wapsi come in several different variations, choose between:

- Sili Legs (Standard), solid color with glitter.

- Sili Legs Chromed, two colored with chrome, give an incredible effect in the water.

- Sili Legs Fire Tip, rubber legs with some extra hot attractor colors.

- Sili Legs Barred Nymph, thinner rubber legs for slightly smaller flies.

- Sili Legs Perfect Barred, best selling rubber legs with attractive stripes.

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