Super Fine Dry Fly Dubbing Dispenser

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Super Fine Dry Fly Dubbing is the market's most popular dry fly dubbing. The material has very small and fine fibers and is easy to work with. The small fibers allow you to tie really small flies and still maintain precision and proportion - by small I mean hook sizes around #30.

Choose from two different dubbing dispensers with 12 colors in each. The dispenser has holes in the bottom to easily dispense the amount you need without having to open the lid.

Dubbing dispenser 1.

Dubbing dispenser 1
black, brown, blue down, blue winged olive, amber, light cahill
mahogany, brown olive, adams gray, olive, pale evening dun, hendrickson pink


Dubbing dispenser 2.

Dubbing dispenser 2
blue winged olive, golden olive, etc. chartreuse, sulfur orange, pale yellow, pale morning down
rusty brown, dark tan, brown olive, gray olive, cinnamon caddis, tan


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